LGBT Labels Activity

For this LGBT Labels Activity, your students will have to figure what several of the labels that are associated with them and then be put through having to  having to sacrifice these labels until they have one or two labels left.  (lesson plan)

Step 1

Each student will put down labels that they associated with themselves.  For the sake of this activity, here are some things that you can have each student put down their label for:

  • Favorite Pizza Company: Pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa Murphy’s
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry
  • Cell Phone Provider: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint
  • Major: What they are either planning on majoring in college or what they are majoring in
  • If they view themselves as a Mac or PC
  • Religious Views (this one is only for college students)
  • Sexual orientation
If you want to go into the classroom with a set list, try to come up with a wide range of willingness to give up easily to difficulty.

Step 2

For this step, you will want your students to be able to move around the classroom to be able to do this portion of the activity.  This step will require the students to move around and to be put into different situations where they must choose what they are willing to give up for the other person that they are talking to.

There is no real way to set this up other than to have them be in a scenario where they are in some sort of relationship or each person must negotiate one thing they are willing to sacrifice for the other, i.e. one person gives up their favorite kind of pizza while the other gives up their favorite kind of pizza or person “a” gives up their cell phone provider while person “b” gives up the type of computer they use.

You will continue doing this round robin style of doing this until your students are down to one or two labels.

Step 3

This is where you and your class will discuss what they thought of the activity.  A part of the discussion will be which labels they viewed to be the easiest and the fastest ones to give up, which ones they found slightly hard to give up, and which ones they found to be the hardest to give up.  This part of the discussion will focus a fair amount of the question “why” when discussion which labels where easy, medium, or hard to give up.

Then you will want to lead the discussion into what did this teach you about people who are LGBT.  The question here is “Do you think that LGBT people are viewed only as LGBT or do you believe that LGBT are views as a whole with all of their labels?”

Step 4

For the final step in this activity, each student will be required to complete a reflection paper on the experience.  The reflection should focus on similar things that were discussed in step 3, but also what they learned from the experience.

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Summer Storm Movie

The movie Summer Storm lends itself to be a great teaching aid.  (Lesson Plan)  This movie showcases the struggle that people who are LGBT have with coming out and coming to terms with their feelings of sexual attraction to someone of the same gender.

As seen from the trailer below, one concern that may be brought up is that it is an international film.  Even with that in mind, the fact that this film isn’t set in the United States allows us to see that this isn’t just something that is something that is going on in the states.

Another great thing about this movie is that it does also approaches the issue of athletes dealing in the LGBT community.  This is an important thing to considered since athletes, especially male ones from my personal experience, can be more scared at what being gay might mean for them.

As for the discussion portion of this lesson, you can easily gear it towards what the students in your class found interesting in the moving.  Which character they connected with the most.  What they thought about the ending.  And so on.

With possibly bring in a paper in to evaluate the students, I think a reaction paper is the best way to do so almost.  Even though the link I have included states to use quotes and the students may complain about not being able to look up quotes, they can easily find the quotes online or you can make them take notes during the class with the knowledge that they will be writing a reaction paper on the movie.

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PSA Assignment

For the PSA Assignment (Lesson), you will be covering Public Service Announcements and how to write one ~ if you want, you can also give them the chance to film the PSA.

One thing you’ll want to do is to first take a look at some different PSAs.  The following three are the ones I included in the lesson plan:

All three of them deliver their message from different viewpoints and methods.  This will be helpful for the fact that this will allow your students to see the different ways that a PSA can be written.

When you are covering the writing process for the PSA, you can refer to the two websites that I included on the lesson plan: eHow and the Kansas Association of Broadcasters.

With the Kansas Association of Broadcasters, their’s basically boils down to the following “guidelines” for PSAs:

  • Start with the goal of the PSA
  • Use everyday language in the PSA
  • Use emotions and make it personal
  • Only use music and sound effects when it enhances the quality of the PSA
  • Be clear about your message

I find the eHow’s info to be clear enough for anyone to understand.

If you want to make this assignment more about script writing, then you can check out the format style on Script Frenzy’s website.  Otherwise, I feel that this assignment can be turned in more of a relaxed script format.  However, you can ~ as with any other assignment that is provided on this blog ~ adapt it to be more focused than it currently is.

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The Meaning of Matthew Book Unit

For this unit, your LGBT Topics or Literature Course will have the chance to read The Meaning of Matthew Shepard by Judy Shepard and articles relating to the Matthew Shepard murder.  (The Meaning of Matthew Unit Plan)  For this unit, the main focus will be reading The Meaning of Matthew.  The articles and video links that are included in the lesson plan can help in aiding in discussing the book.

As for adapting the lesson and evaluating the students, the unit plan allows for some wiggle room for how you can do these: a paper and quizzes.  With the paper route, you can go the route of having a Reaction Paper due.  This idea is great one for the fact that it would be hard to do a paper otherwise potentially.  Yet, if you wanted, you could have your students do a research paper.  In terms of the quizzes, they can be based on any number of the things in the book and what you view as important for the students to know.

For the articles and videos that are included in the lesson, these may be useful for the simple fact that they can add to the learning that can be done.  The articles that I included are mostly from the year or so that Shepard died.  This will allow you to use aids from when the Shepard died.  I believe that this is useful for the fact that you will be able to reach back in time in a sense and have a much better viewpoint of what was going on at the time of the murder without over a decade plus years worth of reflection.

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LGBT Bio Paper

For this lesson, your class will be researching a famous LGBT person.  (LGBT Famous Person Paper Lesson Plan)  This lesson is pretty basic: your students will be putting forward their research skills and citation skills.  In some ways, this lesson is similar to the one I posted earlier about LGBT History Month Paper in terms of potential goals, teaching outcomes, how you can adapt it, and so on.

This lesson plan I think would be suitable for almost any grade level.  Yet, I think this would be a great thing for tenth, eleventh or twelfth grades.  Mainly since the bare bones of this lesson plan allows you to decide if you want focus teaching more research and citation if you want to or the paper can be one in a series that you can use in teaching citation if you are teaching a citation unit.

From a college class viewpoint, this paper is a perfect way to possibly see where your intro to college writing class is with using this lesson plan is that you can gage how well your class is with using citation.  Another possible class that could use this lesson is anyone dealing with an LGBT course topics class.

A website that is a good tool to use and to give your students is Purdue OWL.  This website can be a great way for your students to potentially learn how to use websites to cite sources or you could possibly have your students try to do their citation page and have them turn it in one class period and then refer them to the website.  This way, they can learn about how to properly cite something by either learning from their mistakes or learn how to cite something properly right from the start.

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