Heterosexual Questionnaire Activity

For this activity, it is pretty straight forward.  (Heterosexual Questionnaire Activity)  Your class will partake in vocally asking and then discussing these questions:

This version of the questionnaire came from UMD’s Website.  All though this is one variation, this version has a fair amount of the questions that are found in different versions of the questionnaire.

This activity should the chance to look at and discuss why these questions are asked.

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Gay Marriage Debate Activity

This activity will get the students from just discussing Gay Marriage to debating about to look at it from a more critical perspective.  (Lesson Plan)

The students will be assigned one of the sides of this debate topic and will have to research their assigned view-point, organize their research and talking points, and then partake in the debate.  You can allow the students to choose on how they will conduct who will do what.  This is because a part of how you will be evaluating the students is based on of evaluations from each person on their team.

You will go over possible sources of information for the students to use.  Otherwise, you will only moderate the debate to ensure that it doesn’t get to far out of hand.

The great thing about this activity that it is a hands on way of looking at the issue.  You could, if you wanted to, spice up this activity by making it a research paper instead of a debate.  Or you could possibly make this an activity where you make four groups and have two different debates going.

However you decided to approach this activity, it is a great way for the students to get more information available to them about this issue.

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LGBT Vocabulary

For this unit, the class will be learning the vocab that’s LGBT related.  (LGBT Vocab Lesson Plan)  This is a pretty “normal” assignment.

You will be teaching the students a wide verity of terms.  The thing that may be the most challenging is finding the right words to include at first.  LGBTQ Vocab 101LGBT Vocab PDF, and Trans 101 will give you enough a starting point in choosing how in-depth you want your vocab to be.  I would suggest in taking the words from all three sources and combining them into one master list.  Or you could go with the one that you feel has the most complete set of definitions.

What is also important for this lesson is that you ask for the students to share slang words that are apart of the LGBT community.  The reason why this is important is because this will allow you to see, after a few years, which words are still common and which ones aren’t.

As for the quiz or test portion of this lesson, I would personally go with some sort of matching.  You could also potentially go with incorporating an essay portion if you wanted to go with the route of a test so that you can see if the students fully understand the words or some of the words.

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LGBT Labels Activity

For this LGBT Labels Activity, your students will have to figure what several of the labels that are associated with them and then be put through having to  having to sacrifice these labels until they have one or two labels left.  (lesson plan)

Step 1

Each student will put down labels that they associated with themselves.  For the sake of this activity, here are some things that you can have each student put down their label for:

  • Favorite Pizza Company: Pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa Murphy’s
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry
  • Cell Phone Provider: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint
  • Major: What they are either planning on majoring in college or what they are majoring in
  • If they view themselves as a Mac or PC
  • Religious Views (this one is only for college students)
  • Sexual orientation
If you want to go into the classroom with a set list, try to come up with a wide range of willingness to give up easily to difficulty.

Step 2

For this step, you will want your students to be able to move around the classroom to be able to do this portion of the activity.  This step will require the students to move around and to be put into different situations where they must choose what they are willing to give up for the other person that they are talking to.

There is no real way to set this up other than to have them be in a scenario where they are in some sort of relationship or each person must negotiate one thing they are willing to sacrifice for the other, i.e. one person gives up their favorite kind of pizza while the other gives up their favorite kind of pizza or person “a” gives up their cell phone provider while person “b” gives up the type of computer they use.

You will continue doing this round robin style of doing this until your students are down to one or two labels.

Step 3

This is where you and your class will discuss what they thought of the activity.  A part of the discussion will be which labels they viewed to be the easiest and the fastest ones to give up, which ones they found slightly hard to give up, and which ones they found to be the hardest to give up.  This part of the discussion will focus a fair amount of the question “why” when discussion which labels where easy, medium, or hard to give up.

Then you will want to lead the discussion into what did this teach you about people who are LGBT.  The question here is “Do you think that LGBT people are viewed only as LGBT or do you believe that LGBT are views as a whole with all of their labels?”

Step 4

For the final step in this activity, each student will be required to complete a reflection paper on the experience.  The reflection should focus on similar things that were discussed in step 3, but also what they learned from the experience.

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PSA Assignment

For the PSA Assignment (Lesson), you will be covering Public Service Announcements and how to write one ~ if you want, you can also give them the chance to film the PSA.

One thing you’ll want to do is to first take a look at some different PSAs.  The following three are the ones I included in the lesson plan:

All three of them deliver their message from different viewpoints and methods.  This will be helpful for the fact that this will allow your students to see the different ways that a PSA can be written.

When you are covering the writing process for the PSA, you can refer to the two websites that I included on the lesson plan: eHow and the Kansas Association of Broadcasters.

With the Kansas Association of Broadcasters, their’s basically boils down to the following “guidelines” for PSAs:

  • Start with the goal of the PSA
  • Use everyday language in the PSA
  • Use emotions and make it personal
  • Only use music and sound effects when it enhances the quality of the PSA
  • Be clear about your message

I find the eHow’s info to be clear enough for anyone to understand.

If you want to make this assignment more about script writing, then you can check out the format style on Script Frenzy’s website.  Otherwise, I feel that this assignment can be turned in more of a relaxed script format.  However, you can ~ as with any other assignment that is provided on this blog ~ adapt it to be more focused than it currently is.

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