About LGBT Teaching Aids


This blog is clearly going to be focusing LesbianGayBisexual, & Transgendered (LGBT) teaching materials.  I’ve wanted to focus on LGBT Literature for a while now and when the chance to do a project in my Weblogs & Wikis class involving social media, I figured this would a great chance to do so.  To view the full proposal, you can download a PDF version of the proposal, but to make it simple, this blog will be focusing on how to teach different things that involve different LGBT Literature and other projects relating to LGBT issue.
Each blog post will contain any or all of the following:

  • Lesson Plan(s)
  • Rationale(s)
  • Links to online resources
  • News or Magazine Articles
  • Multimedia (i.e. photos, videos, text)
  • Handouts

Feel free to take the lesson plans provided on this blog and use them to adapt to fit the needs of your student.

About Me

My education has been constructed with a wide range of classes at Bemidji State University that have focused on Creative and Professional Writing to Mass Communications to Women’s Studies/Gender Studies.

During my time at Bemidji State University, I have taken courses ranging from Literature for Young Adults to Shakespeare for Teachers to Literary Journalism to Film Topic Courses to GenreTopic Courses that have taught me a great deal on how to put together lesson plans to analyzing different forms of literature to coming up with creative ideas for teaching.

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