Prayers for Bobby Book & Movie

For this unit, you will be covering both the book and movie Prayers for Bobby.  (Lesson Plan)  With this lesson, it will take at least two weeks to do since you will be covering a book and a movie.  But I would personally budget three weeks for this unit.

With this book and movie combo, you will be covering two different mediums for delivering the same story.  One nice thing about this is that it since you will be covering two different sources, English professors and classes could adapt this lesson for their course.  However, the main goal of this unit is to cover how two different set of people ~ a book writer and editors | screenwriters and film producers ~ go about telling the same story.

This is helpful for the fact that you can go about discussing with your class about what both sets of people decided which aspects of the story was worth telling.  Mainly, how the writer of the book and his editor(s) wrote the book and then how the movie was based off of the book; which this could lead to the discussion to what is viewed to be the most important about this story.

The lesson plan states how that once the you are done with the movie, you will discuss the two works.  There are several different ways that you can do this, but the main thing ~ as stated before ~ is to discuss what are viewed to be the most important parts of the story.  Another thing that is important to discuss is the religious aspect of the story.  The reasons why this should be brought up is that religion always seems to creep up into the conversation of the LGBT community.

In terms of the paper, a reaction paper may be the best way to go about it.  A five page paper should suffice with it being doubled spaced.  Or you could change the length of the paper could easily be increased to seven or eight pages doubled spaced since this does cover two works.  Yet, I think five pages is a good length.

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