Brokeback Mountain Movie

For showing the movie Brokeback Mountain, you will be able to approach several different topics.  (Brokeback Mountain Lesson)  You can approach the movie from the viewpoint of societal expectations of men during the 1960s, the stereotypes of men and cowboys, and the difficulty of having a same-sex relationship during this time period.

Once you are done watching the movie, you will want to discuss Ennis’ strong fear of being intimate with another male while Jack is the one that pushes more for the relationship.  This has a lot to do with the stereotypes of men and cowboys.  This one topic starter is one great way to discuss pretty much everything that is important to the movie.

Since Ennis is the one that is more fearful, you can bring up how his father tried to ensure that Ennis and his brother knew that homosexuality is wrong.  Since Ennis’ father did this, you can discuss how this effected the course of the movie.  How Ennis got married, forced his real love of his life ~ Jack ~ to essentially do the same, started a family, and was involved in a twenty some year relationship with Jack.

The discussion should also weave into a comparison of a 1960s to the 2000s and 2010s.

As for an evaluation, a typical reaction paper.  The requirement for the quotes should be easy to resolve if anyone complains by either having them take notes, going to IMDB’s Brokeback Mountain page, and I am sure that the students can find other ways to get access to the movie.

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