LGBT Vocabulary

For this unit, the class will be learning the vocab that’s LGBT related.  (LGBT Vocab Lesson Plan)  This is a pretty “normal” assignment.

You will be teaching the students a wide verity of terms.  The thing that may be the most challenging is finding the right words to include at first.  LGBTQ Vocab 101LGBT Vocab PDF, and Trans 101 will give you enough a starting point in choosing how in-depth you want your vocab to be.  I would suggest in taking the words from all three sources and combining them into one master list.  Or you could go with the one that you feel has the most complete set of definitions.

What is also important for this lesson is that you ask for the students to share slang words that are apart of the LGBT community.  The reason why this is important is because this will allow you to see, after a few years, which words are still common and which ones aren’t.

As for the quiz or test portion of this lesson, I would personally go with some sort of matching.  You could also potentially go with incorporating an essay portion if you wanted to go with the route of a test so that you can see if the students fully understand the words or some of the words.

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