Gay Marriage Debate Activity

This activity will get the students from just discussing Gay Marriage to debating about to look at it from a more critical perspective.  (Lesson Plan)

The students will be assigned one of the sides of this debate topic and will have to research their assigned view-point, organize their research and talking points, and then partake in the debate.  You can allow the students to choose on how they will conduct who will do what.  This is because a part of how you will be evaluating the students is based on of evaluations from each person on their team.

You will go over possible sources of information for the students to use.  Otherwise, you will only moderate the debate to ensure that it doesn’t get to far out of hand.

The great thing about this activity that it is a hands on way of looking at the issue.  You could, if you wanted to, spice up this activity by making it a research paper instead of a debate.  Or you could possibly make this an activity where you make four groups and have two different debates going.

However you decided to approach this activity, it is a great way for the students to get more information available to them about this issue.

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