Summer Storm Movie

The movie Summer Storm lends itself to be a great teaching aid.  (Lesson Plan)  This movie showcases the struggle that people who are LGBT have with coming out and coming to terms with their feelings of sexual attraction to someone of the same gender.

As seen from the trailer below, one concern that may be brought up is that it is an international film.  Even with that in mind, the fact that this film isn’t set in the United States allows us to see that this isn’t just something that is something that is going on in the states.

Another great thing about this movie is that it does also approaches the issue of athletes dealing in the LGBT community.  This is an important thing to considered since athletes, especially male ones from my personal experience, can be more scared at what being gay might mean for them.

As for the discussion portion of this lesson, you can easily gear it towards what the students in your class found interesting in the moving.  Which character they connected with the most.  What they thought about the ending.  And so on.

With possibly bring in a paper in to evaluate the students, I think a reaction paper is the best way to do so almost.  Even though the link I have included states to use quotes and the students may complain about not being able to look up quotes, they can easily find the quotes online or you can make them take notes during the class with the knowledge that they will be writing a reaction paper on the movie.

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