PSA Assignment

For the PSA Assignment (Lesson), you will be covering Public Service Announcements and how to write one ~ if you want, you can also give them the chance to film the PSA.

One thing you’ll want to do is to first take a look at some different PSAs.  The following three are the ones I included in the lesson plan:

All three of them deliver their message from different viewpoints and methods.  This will be helpful for the fact that this will allow your students to see the different ways that a PSA can be written.

When you are covering the writing process for the PSA, you can refer to the two websites that I included on the lesson plan: eHow and the Kansas Association of Broadcasters.

With the Kansas Association of Broadcasters, their’s basically boils down to the following “guidelines” for PSAs:

  • Start with the goal of the PSA
  • Use everyday language in the PSA
  • Use emotions and make it personal
  • Only use music and sound effects when it enhances the quality of the PSA
  • Be clear about your message

I find the eHow’s info to be clear enough for anyone to understand.

If you want to make this assignment more about script writing, then you can check out the format style on Script Frenzy’s website.  Otherwise, I feel that this assignment can be turned in more of a relaxed script format.  However, you can ~ as with any other assignment that is provided on this blog ~ adapt it to be more focused than it currently is.

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