The Meaning of Matthew Book Unit

For this unit, your LGBT Topics or Literature Course will have the chance to read The Meaning of Matthew Shepard by Judy Shepard and articles relating to the Matthew Shepard murder.  (The Meaning of Matthew Unit Plan)  For this unit, the main focus will be reading The Meaning of Matthew.  The articles and video links that are included in the lesson plan can help in aiding in discussing the book.

As for adapting the lesson and evaluating the students, the unit plan allows for some wiggle room for how you can do these: a paper and quizzes.  With the paper route, you can go the route of having a Reaction Paper due.  This idea is great one for the fact that it would be hard to do a paper otherwise potentially.  Yet, if you wanted, you could have your students do a research paper.  In terms of the quizzes, they can be based on any number of the things in the book and what you view as important for the students to know.

For the articles and videos that are included in the lesson, these may be useful for the simple fact that they can add to the learning that can be done.  The articles that I included are mostly from the year or so that Shepard died.  This will allow you to use aids from when the Shepard died.  I believe that this is useful for the fact that you will be able to reach back in time in a sense and have a much better viewpoint of what was going on at the time of the murder without over a decade plus years worth of reflection.

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