LGBT Bio Paper

For this lesson, your class will be researching a famous LGBT person.  (LGBT Famous Person Paper Lesson Plan)  This lesson is pretty basic: your students will be putting forward their research skills and citation skills.  In some ways, this lesson is similar to the one I posted earlier about LGBT History Month Paper in terms of potential goals, teaching outcomes, how you can adapt it, and so on.

This lesson plan I think would be suitable for almost any grade level.  Yet, I think this would be a great thing for tenth, eleventh or twelfth grades.  Mainly since the bare bones of this lesson plan allows you to decide if you want focus teaching more research and citation if you want to or the paper can be one in a series that you can use in teaching citation if you are teaching a citation unit.

From a college class viewpoint, this paper is a perfect way to possibly see where your intro to college writing class is with using this lesson plan is that you can gage how well your class is with using citation.  Another possible class that could use this lesson is anyone dealing with an LGBT course topics class.

A website that is a good tool to use and to give your students is Purdue OWL.  This website can be a great way for your students to potentially learn how to use websites to cite sources or you could possibly have your students try to do their citation page and have them turn it in one class period and then refer them to the website.  This way, they can learn about how to properly cite something by either learning from their mistakes or learn how to cite something properly right from the start.

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