LGBT History Month Paper

For this paper (Lesson Plan PDF), the purpose is to teach how to use MLA or APA citation methods while having the students research possible topics that handle important dates for the LGBT community.


Here is a list of sample resources for you to use as possible examples of good resources for this paper:

Another possible teaching method on resources is how to use Wikipedia as a resource.  How this can work is that during a class period, you can have your students go to the LGBT History Month wikipedia page that they would like and to click on the links in the Reference area and the External Links areas.

Sample Research Topics

Since there isn’t a simple go to list of topics, here is an easy list of LGBT Historical events:

This paper should help to promote the understanding of historical events for the LGBT community as well as how to use proper citation.  I would suggest use the Purdue OWL Website to as a good website as a reference site for teaching students how to use MLA or APA citation.

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4 thoughts on “LGBT History Month Paper

  1. You condense all of teaching how to write a research paper and evaluate sources into one lesson plan. I’m a bit offended by that.

    • Joe Vito Moubry

      I’m sorry that you feel that you feel offended by this Ivory. I am more or less trying to provide a possible lesson/unit on it. Since I am not a teacher or professor, so I probably made it more clear or done it as a unit. But the goal I’m trying to do with this blog is providing lesson plans for teachers as a possible jumping off point for them since they know the need(s) of their class(es) better than I do.

      Once again, I am sorry that you felt offended and if you have any other insight on how I can improve my project, please let me know.

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  3. I understand and respect what you are trying to do, Joe. Perhaps it would be clearer if I chose a different word than “offended.” “Exasperated” might be a more accurate description. New ideas do not have value in simply being new, but in improving upon existing pedagogy. How do these ideas improve on what is already there?

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