Degrassi on Coming Out

Canada’s TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation touches on the coming out process for the LGBT community  faces.  They explored this with the character Marco.  For this lesson (TV On Coming Out Lesson Plan PDF), focuses on this process that Marco went through.

These are the videos that I feel showcase this process for Marco from the episodes “Pride: Part 1” and “Pride: Part 2” of Degrassi:

Show the first 30 seconds of this video

Show this whole video:

What would be the best thing to do for this lesson is that once you watch these clips (or if you want, you can buy the episode from iTunes to watch the view the full episode) is to discuss the homophobic behavior that Marco faces once he comes out.

Some discussion ideas can be as follows:

  • How do you think if you where in Marco’s position?
  • Do you think your friends would act like Jimmy, Spinner, or a mixture of the two?
  • How would you feel about the use of homophobic language that is used in these clips?

This lesson and video clips are best suited for tenth graders and higher.  I believe that you could possibly argue for a ninth grade class to view this; but I believe that this would depend on the school if you pushed hard enough.

I believe that this would lesson would be adaptable only to the degree of viewing the full episode.  Otherwise, the only other adaptation would be having the students write up a review of the clips.

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