Coming Out Stars

For this activity (Coming Out Stars Activity PDF Download), the lesson (PDF Download) focuses on an activity that should help the intended audience aware of the coming out process.

I obtained the idea from the LGBT Resource Center.  What is appealing about this activity is that it will allow straight students too understand the coming out process in enough of a prospective.  The activity goes through five different “stages” of coming out.

One thing I suggested in the lesson plan is a discussion afterwords (Possible Discussion Questions).  The discussion, if included, should be done so in such away where you have a few questions prepared.  Yet, you should allow the group that you work with to come up with their own questions and then you should keep track of the questions that are asked each year so you have a common set of questions that you can expect to be asked.

Another thing that you might want to consider is to change the color of the stars between class periods if you decide to teach this in a high school; i.e. instead of the red stars being the ones that are torn up, the green ones maybe.  You can also think about switching around the first four scenarios so that you can keep it interesting.

A third thing to consider is to have the participants in this activity make their own stars.  Also, have them decorate them.  This way, the participants are more emotionally involved throughout the process.

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